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Consider the Intricacies and Implications: While the Philadelphia tax abatement program is controversial, City Council must carefully examine how tax abatements have impacted the City and the various implications of tax abatements on economic equality, development, and gentrification before taking any drastic actions.


Shift Success to Neighborhoods in Need: As it stands, the Philadelphia Tax Abatement program has most benefit neighborhoods which already have high concentrations of wealth - such as Center City - while doing little for neighborhoods in need of economic development. Council should explore abatement value caps and/or geographic limitations to the program. 


Remember the Renters: The tax abatement program intends to help homeowners and attract homebuyers and developers to the City. How then, do these policies impact renters and what changes can be made to improve the wellbeing of renters in the City? Council ought to consider changes to the program that promote multi-unit develop in areas of Philadelphia which currently lack these housing options. 


The Issue

Philadelphia's current tax abatement program was introduced in 2000 and has been in effect, unchanged, ever since. With the City continually growing and changing, it is time to reassess the value of the tax abatement program and address concerns that the program contributes to or does little to mitigate economic inequality and gentrification. City Council must reexamine the policy and consider implementing a sunset clause to ensure that any changes made help all Philadelphians today and in the future. 


Why Eryn?

From her time as a student of public administration at the University of Pennyslvania's Fels Institute of Government to her career in public service as the Deputy Managing Director of Philadelphia, Eryn has devoted her life to analyzing and understanding public policies. She is willing and able to carefully consider all of the intricacies of policies which impact Philadelphians everyday. Eryn does not make impulsive decisions - she uses her educational background and professional experience to create solutions that work for the City. 

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