The Issue

Philadelphians deserve a City Council that prioritizes public service over personal gain. We must continue to move away from our “politics as usual” mindset. Accordingly, Eryn believes the following reforms are necessary to ensure our members of Council and all elected offices are independent stewards of our city.

Action Plan 

● Introduce legislation that would amend the Home Rule Charter to make permanent and independent the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) with jurisdiction over every elected official (including City Council, the District Attorney, City Controller, Sheriff, Commissioners, Register of Wills), appointed officials, and public employees. This extends to any board or commission appointed by the Mayor and entities that receive city funds. The OIG would be responsible for reviewing, investigating, and acting on all issues associated with acts of misconduct, fraud, corruption, and abuse of power.


● Require City Council to publicly disclose and account for its annual budget, including the expenditures of each Council office.


● Eliminate improper influence of money on our political system by reducing contribution limits and aligning our campaign finance rules with Federal Election Commission regulations.


● Prohibit campaign contributions to elected officials and candidates from entities with business matters before the city both six months prior to, and six months after, said business is conducted and/or decided upon. This would include, but not be limited to, real estate transactions and development projects.

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