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The Issue

City government’s primary purpose is to provide services to people and businesses that excite residents, inspire progress, and satisfy basic needs. Prioritizing $12B in annual spending and orchestrating approximately 28,000 employees to deliver services harmoniously is only possible with an intentional vision for the city and a performance management program that tells you whether or not you’re getting closer to your vision.

When it comes to improving City services, Philadelphia needs to establish better delivery  of services to all neighborhoods. Our City can be the cleanest city in the world, and City services and goals can be ambitious - starting with the City's Zero Waste & Litter Action Plan and moving forward with modern trash collection practices. 


Elevate 311: Excellent city service is the primary objective of our local government, and Philly311 can be the brain that analyzes data and prompts the appropriate governmental response. Becoming the central ingestor and analyzer of information related to City services is a natural evolution. Leveraging “smart city” technologies to monitor operations in real time, mining social media sentiment, and combining that with existing Philly311 and other City data can provide a rich analytical composite from which to identify areas of success and opportunity.


Re-Establish PhillyStat: Measuring results is only the first step; we then must analyze and act. Therefore, I will work to re-establish a PhillyStat system for the City, which will establish performance metrics to be reviewed by City Council on a monthly basis so that operational and resource adjustments can be made to improve outcomes and we can track progress throughout the city in a constructive, collaborative, and transparent manner.


Modernize Trash Collection: It’s time for the City to invest in automated, semi-automated and containerized trash collection both above ground and underground where possible. New technology provides opportunities for implementing more efficient routing techniques that can save time and money as well as free up resources for other important activities. Additionally, City employees are performing a labor-intensive job that too often results in work-related accidents and injuries. We must invest differently in our employees by using new technology to improve their health, well-being and productivity.

Why Eryn

As the Deputy Managing Director for the City of Philadelphia, Eryn worked to implement Philly311 and PhillyStat. She worked to make City Services more accessible, efficient, and effective. Philadelphia can adopt innovative City Services and Eryn has a track record of making these services a reality for all Philadelphians. 

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